Author, Speaker, International Entrepreneur, and Africa Business Guru.


Gerald has authored one  book and he has co-authored books with such authors as Les Brown and Johnny Wimbrey.  He has been a keynote speaker for companies such as The Pepsi Corporation , Schools, Churches in U.S. and Africa.   Gerald passion is doing business in Africa and he as become of the  most sought  after individual by small and large companies that are looking to do business in the African Market.

Gerald's track record of starting a successful business in the African market speaks for itself.   Africa is the next emerging market and now is the time for  Americans and Africans to capitalize on it.   

African Development


Gerald' Co-founder of Green Olives Business Development Limited a Nigeria based  company which has developed  a Mega Medical Hospital to be built in Abuja, Nigeria.   When completed it will be one of the largest hospitals in Africa.

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Africa Accomplishments


Security Company


The first solar powered security cameras was installed in Nigeria for Shell Oil Company by Advantage Security Ventures Limited which is the first company Gerald established in the country of Nigeria.

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Armored vehicles


Gerald's company Mioyo Armored Vehicles was the first company to ship level 6 armored cash in  transit vehicles to  Nigeria.   He also was  the first American to co-founder a cash in transit company in Nigeria.